A five-member team of Worcester Polytechnic Institute celebrates the completion of its Urban and Environmental Planning project, which it did in London in May and June. Clockwise from front left, Sizhuo Li, Whitewater resident Leif Sahyun, Jacob Tomkinson, sponsor and liaison Twm Palmer and Daniel Millard. (Submitted photo)

Whitewater resident Leif Sahyun completes college research project in London

By Todd Mishler

Copy Editor

Leif Sahyun is a doer. So, even though it may have been a bit out of his comfort zone, the Whitewater resident accomplished his major goal this summer.

Sahyun is a junior at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts.

He and his team completed an intense research project in London that stretched from May through most of June.

Members summarized their Urban and Environmental Planning effort this way: “The goal was to improve community engagement and the use of voluntary contributions in the London borough of Hounslow before, during and after an emergency.”

It was right up his alley for Sahyun, a class of 2020 student majoring in computer science and robotics engineering.

“I’ve always been interested in solving problems and building things,” said Sahyun, who was a Legomaniac while growing up. “I had a mild interest in computers when I was younger and didn’t really become proficient until high school.”

That’s when Whitewater High School computer science and math instructor Laura Masbruch’s influence paid dividends.

Read the rest of the story in the Oct. 18 Whitewater Register.


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