Public Works Garage off the table as site for future City Hall

By Kellen Olshefski


The City of Elkhorn Common Council voted unanimously in favor of eliminating the Public Works Garage as a potential site for a future City Hall during a Committee of the Whole meeting Monday night.

The vote will advance to a Common Council meeting for final approval, though all Council members were in favor of Monday’s motion to eliminate the site from consideration.

The decision comes on the heels of results from the first phase of an environmental study by the firm Fehr Graham – to determine if the Public Works Garage at 12 E. First Ave. would be a usable site for future projects.

City Administrator Sam Tapson said the city could continue into Phase 2 of the assessment, but if it turns up issues, such as contaminants that the DNR determines actionable, it could delay any work at that site for an extended period of time while those contaminants are cleaned up.

“You will not be able to use that site until you’re finished, and that could be a year, or in the case of Getzen, 20 years,” he said.

Read more on the discussion and other site options in the Oct. 11 Elkhorn Independent.


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