A Middleton man was charged Sept. 13 with stabbing another carnival worker at West Park in Darien.

Jason W. Thomas, 42, is charged with first-degree recklessly endangering safety with the use of a dangerous weapon.

According to the criminal complaint, Thomas and David Barrett, who work together for a carnival company, were fighting Sept. 6 at West Park in Darien. Witnesses reported breaking up a fight between Barrett and a different carnival worker earlier in the day and then seeing Barrett and Thomas fighting, according to the complaint.

One witness said he saw Barrett trying to punch and kick Thomas, saw Thomas trying to back away and then saw both men punching each other and tried to break it up, the complaint states.

Another witness said she saw Thomas on top of Barrett punching him in the face, broke the fight up and then saw Thomas walk toward the portable toilets, according to the complaint. When she realized Barrett had been stabbed, she told her sister to call police and went to the trailer where Thomas was staying during the carnival and told him to turn himself in, the complaint states.

Barrett was lying in the grass when police arrived, and an officer estimated Barrett was stabbed about 20 times in the lower back and a few times in the stomach area, the complaint states.

Police found blood on the door handle of Thomas’ trailer and a drop of blood inside and found a knife in the portable toilet after it was drained, according to the complaint.

Cornfest took place at West Park in Darien from Sept. 7 to 9.


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