Sept. 17 event will feature game animals, firearms

With the approach of fall, many sportsmen are preparing for the upcoming hunting seasons. They eagerly anticipate the color and scent of the fall woods, the flush of an upland bird, the chatter of squirrels, the crunch of snow under their boots as they venture forth seeking kinds of meat that can’t be bought at the local grocery store, as well as the memories of time spent in the wild.

Are you interested in learning about hunting, but didn’t grow up in a family that participated in these activities? There are many adults, young and old, in the same situation, yet now have an interest in hunting but don’t know how to begin. They may want to take their own organic, free-range, locally grown meat for cooking a special dinner, or perhaps have friends who hunt and yearn to take part in the sport with them.

How do you get started? What equipment do you need? What are the rules and regulations?

A Sportsmen’s Campfire presentation on the various types of game species, the firearms needed for each, and the rules, regulations, and seasons for each species will be held on Monday, Sept. 17 at Stillwater Coffee Company north of Elkhorn.

Local sportsmen will share insights on the different animals they hunt. A variety of rifles and shotguns will be shown to illustrate the different types and which are suitable for the various hunts. In addition, a local DNR Warden will review rules, regulations, seasons and hunter education requirements.

Sportsmen’s Campfire is a program to help newcomers learn about hunting and fishing in an informal social setting. Not everyone grew up in a family where these skills were passed along. Sportsmen’s clubs often host events to teach youth to hunt or fish, yet there are many parents or other adults who wish to get involved but don’t know how to begin. Sportsmen’s Campfire is for those adults or families who want to try these activities and seek some guidance in getting started.

For each meeting, a handful of sportsmen will be on hand to introduce you to skills and discuss what you need to know about equipment and technique to get started. Just as many current sportsmen have learned “around the campfire” with family, this is an opportunity to learn from others who welcome new people to enjoy these outdoor activities.

Sportsmen’s Campfire plans to host to continue to host meetings relating to hunting and fishing activities. Planning is already underway for a similar program in late October that will focus on archery for hunting. Bowhunting is a very popular activity nationwide. After that, watch for presentations on ice fishing for the upcoming “hard water” season.

The Sportsmen’s Campfire will be at 6:30 p.m., Monday, Sept. 17 at 6:30 PM at Stillwater Coffee Company, 1650 N. Country Club Parkway, Elkhorn. The doors will open about 6 p.m.

“Come join us ‘around the campfire’ and enjoy a beverage from Stillwater Coffee while learning outdoor skills,” organizer Bob Burton said.

There is no charge for the meeting, but cost of beverage is left to the individual.

For more information, contact DNR Conservation Warden Mike Katzenberg at or Bob Burton at or 262-215-4752.


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