An initial appearance was scheduled to resume June 25 for a Pell Lake man charged with stabbing two men out-side a Village of Bloomfield bar.

San Daniel Courtney, 22, was charged June 21 in Walworth County Circuit Court with two counts each of second-degree recklessly endangering safety with aggravated battery, all with the use of a dangerous weapon and as a repeater.

According to the criminal complaint, Courtney stabbed two men outside Spoon Doggers Bar on South Lake Shore Drive on June 17 after he became angry about someone lighting off fire-works.

When police arrived, a 43-year-old man was sitting outside the bar and a woman was holding a towel to his chest, according to the com-plaint. A 33-year-old man was bleeding from his shoulder. The younger man said he and the 43-year-old man were outside the bar when Courtney began yelling about some children who had lit off fireworks in the area, according to the complaint.

The man said Courtney then stabbed the 43-year-old and then punched the 33-year-old and stabbed him in the shoulder, according to the complaint.

The 43-year-old man said Courtney approached him and hit him, and then he noticed he was bleeding, so he must have been stabbed, according to the complaint. He was taken to Summit Hospital with a collapsed lung, according to the complaint.

Police spoke to Courtney, who said the men were lighting off fireworks near his house, he got upset about it, and the two men “got in his face,” according to the complaint. Courtney said he went into his house, got a knife and began swinging the knife at the men. He said he swung the knife at the men again and again, noticed blood on it when he returned to his house but did not intend to stab the men, according to the complaint.



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