By Michael S. Hoey


The Delavan Town Board designated Purcell’s Towing and Recovery LLC in the City of Delavan to be the township’s preferred provider of towing and vehicle storage services on June 19.

Supervisor Larry Malsch said a discussion was had with Purcell’s when the town received a bill from the business and an agreement was reached. As part of that agreement, Purcell’s agreed to waive that bill. The agreement costs the township nothing and potentially means more business for Purcell’s.

When a vehicle in the township needs towing or storage, the Town of Delavan police will call Purcell’s unless the owner of the vehicle prefers another business. The owner of the vehicle or that person’s insurance company will pay Purcell’s. The town may also use Purcell’s for towing and storage of its own vehicles at the normal and customary rates. The agreement is good for one year.

More meeting coverage can be found in the June 28 Delavan Enterprise.


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