A Fontana man was scheduled to appear in court today on charges of holding a knife to a man’s throat in a home where the man was staying.

Marc A. Fiorillo, 23, was charged June 14 in Walworth County Circuit Court with attempted armed robbery with the threat of force, burglary while arming himself with a dangerous weapon, second-degree recklessly endangering safety with the use of a dangerous weapon, false imprisonment with the use of a dangerous weapon and disorderly conduct, all as a repeater.

According to the criminal complaint, a 23-year-old man said he was staying at his sister and brother-in-law’s home June 10 when he was woken up during the night by a man holding a knife up to his neck. The man, later identified as Fiorillo, said he was with the drug cartel and was there to “collect,” according to the complaint. The man said Fiorillo led him around the house with the knife held against his neck and demanded to speak with the homeowner, the complaint states.

The man called his brother-in-law, who told Fiorillo he had the wrong house, according to the complaint. Fiorillo demanded drugs and money, and the man gave Fiorillo a bag of marijuana but said he only had $50, the complaint states. At that point, Fiorillo pushed the knife harder into the man’s neck, according to the complaint.

Fiorillo then saw flashes of light, ran outside as police arrived and dropped the bag of pot, according to the complaint.


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