Sportsmen’s Campfire meetings to focus on fishing, hunting

By Heather Ruenz

SLN staff

Numerous youth hunting and fishing programs are offered, which can leave adults who didn’t grow up learning those sports out in the cold, according to avid outdoorsman Bob Burton, of Elkhorn.

“No program has been geared specifically for adults to learn and we’re hoping to offer a solution for that. Yet there are many parents or other adults, young or old, who wish to get involved but don’t know how to begin,” Burton said.

“That interest may be driven by wanting to take your kids or grandkids fishing. It may be driven by interest in harvesting your own organic, locally grown, free-range fish or game to cook a unique meal. It may also be that you just feel a yearning to learn these skills and spend quality time in the outdoors with friends and family, or enjoy the solitude of a day afield,” he added.

Burton contacted local DNR Warden, Mike Katzenberg, to discuss his idea and the two agreed to team up on a series of informal meetings, each focusing on a different topic related to hunting or fishing.

For each meeting, a handful of sportsmen and women will be on hand to introduce attendees to skills and discuss what they need to know about equipment and technique to get started.

“Just as many current sportsmen learned ‘around the campfire’ with family, this is an opportunity to learn from others who welcome new people to enjoy these outdoor activities,” Burton said.

The initial meeting, “Introduction to fishing” will be held at 6:30 p.m., Monday, June 4 at Stillwater Coffee Company, 1560 N. Country Club Pkwy. Elkhorn (across from Evergreen Country Club.)

In addition to Katzenberg being on hand to discuss regulations and answer questions, an area tackle shop owner will discuss rods, reels, and lure types and how they’re used, and a demonstration of casting is planned so that those attending can try their hand with some coaching and encouragement.

Future potential topics include: conservation and the sportsman, how to process fish and game, where to hunt and fish, archery equipment, firearms for hunting different game species and optics for sportsmen.

“Come join us ‘around the campfire’ and enjoy a beverage from Stillwater Coffee while learning outdoor skills,” Burton said.

The meetings are open to all Walworth County residents and there is no charge to attend though attendees are responsible for purchasing their own beverage at Stillwater, should they choose to have one.

For more information contact Conservation Warden Mike Katzenberg at, Bob Burton at 262-215-4752 or, or search for Sportsmens Camp Fire on Facebook.


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