Two of four men charged in connection with a cocaine-selling ring in Delavan and Darien appeared in court late last month.

Jose A. Galarza Jr., 29, of Delavan, appeared in court April 27 free on bond with his attorney Frank Lettenberger. He is charged with manufacturing or delivering cocaine, possession of cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia and has pleaded not guilty.

Galarza is suspected of selling cocaine for Christian Montano, 25, of the Town of Darien. Montano is charged with nine counts of manufacturing or delivering cocaine, one count as a party to a crime; and two counts of possession of cocaine. He is scheduled to appear in court June 1. A status conference for Galarza was set for May 18.

Martin Sotelo Guzman, 33, of the Town of Darien, one of two men suspected of supplying drugs to Montano, also appeared in court April 27. He entered a plea of not guilty to manufacturing or delivering cocaine as a party to a crime and identity theft for financial gain. A status conference is scheduled in his case for June 8.


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