BigLife Events brings professional performers to East Troy

By Tracy Ouellette

SLN Staff

Chuck Dimick recently launched a new entertainment venture in East Troy in an effort to attract talent from Milwaukee and beyond.

“I’ve started BigLife Events for the more adult (but never X-rated or vulgar) entertainment like stand-up comedy, certain improv shows, certain plays, etc.” he said.

Dimick said he envisions booking shows at various local venues.

“The possibilities are great,” he said. “I know East Troy Brewery is going to have a performance space, as is The Ale Station, and Sammy’s upstairs is a cool performance space as well. You know my dedication to local talent and making sure it’s seen. I’m also dedicated to making our Village Square exciting, diverse, and profitable for the businesses here.”

BigLife Events first event will be at Ivan’s Backstage on Feb. 16 when the Laugh Tracks Traveling Comedy Roadshow begins at 8 p.m.

Four Milwaukee comedians will appear on stage for the improv event. They are:

  • Beth Lewinski, who has been in multiple production with the Alchemist Theatre, ComedySportz Milwaukee, Radio WHT, Sketch 22, Schmitz and Giggles, V-Core productions, MoJo Dojo, and others. She regularly performs with and is an associate producer of Dinner Detective Milwaukee.
  • David Lane, a professional comedian for 13 years, who regularly performs with ComedySportz Milwaukee and Mojo Dojo Comedy.
  • Matt Garnaas who has been improvising for audiences for 25 years at ComedySportz Milwaukee. He has also been a part of The Midnite Show for more than a decade.
  • Rich Laguna, who has been performing with ComedySportz since before the last turn of the century. He also performs with and is the other associate producer of Dinner Detective Milwaukee.

“The four people that will be appearing in this improv night are actually part of a group of nine performers. They can offer a range of events on a regular basis – stand-up comedy with finished material, informal stand-up where they work on new material, comedic/farcical Shakespeare in the Park, stage combat workshops, stage make-up workshops, improv shows like the one on Feb 16, and even improv classes,” Dimick said.

“I’m chatting with them about all these things and there’s excitement on both sides.”

Dimick, who many know from the Off the Square Players theater group in East Troy, said he will still be involved with that organization’s productions.

“Off the Square Players will operate for family entertainment and charity fundraising … workshops like the kids acting workshops we’ll be doing this summer, certain plays, Shakespeare in park, high school forensics, writer’s workshops, poetry slams, our kids Halloween event and more.”

Tickets for the improv show are $15 at Ivan’s on the Square or The 90-minute show is for adults only and the bar opens at 7 p.m. the night of the event.

Dinner reservations at Ivan’s on the Square for before the show can be made by calling 262-642-7107.


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