For Cravath, Trippe lakes

By Dave Fidlin

The first of multiple steps involved in ridding Cravath and Trippe lakes of unwanted invasive species is moving forward, following a recent decision.

The Common Council on Dec. 5 gave Eric Boettcher, parks and recreation director, the green light to proceed with a grant application linked to the potential study of what it would cost to drawdown or dredge the two bodies of water.

In recent years, a number of Wisconsin waterways, including Whitewater’s two lakes, have become infested with such invasive species as milfoil, which has a tendency to overpopulate and crowd out native plantings and disrupt the overall ecosystem.

The council adopted a resolution, formalizing the grant request process. The application is being sent on to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, which would doll out the grant proceeds if the application is approved.

For more on the lake drawdown, pick up a copy of the Dec. 21 Whitewater Register.


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