Fairhaven Senior Services chaplain Delisa Buckingham-Taylor speaks to residents during the rededication of the facility’s peace pole. (Tom Ganser photo)

By Tom Ganser

SLN Correspondent

Fellowship Hall at Fairhaven Senior Services was the location for a gathering marking the 72nd anniversary of the United Nation.

The event was on United Nations Day on Oct. 24.

The day was doubly special for Fairhaven, said chaplain Delisa Buckingham-Taylor, who also serves as the pastor of Grace United Church in Fort Atkinson. The day was a celebration and rededication of the Fairhaven Peace Pole, 15 years after the pole was installed in August 2002.

“Today we are also celebrating and re-dedicating the Fairhaven Peace Pole. This is the 15th anniversary of the Fairhaven Peace Pole.”

Fairhaven residents Geraldine Jennings and Betty Refior were instrumental in advocating for a re-dedication of the Fairhaven Peace Pole, believing that shining a light on the importance of peace has never been more important than it is today.

“The Fairhaven Peace Pole signifies our desire and will and prayer for peace to prevail in our hearts and lives and throughout the world, that we may be united in shalom, in peace, for all lives and for all creation. Today we are rededicating our thoughts, our efforts and our lives to this mission of working for peace.”

For more on the Fairhaven Peace Pole, take a look at the Nov. 23 edition of the Whitewater Register.


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