Councilmembers opt in favor of requesting additional proposals

By Kellen Olshefski


City of Elkhorn councilmembers opted in favor of sending the new Department of Public Works facility out for additional proposals after reviewing three options from Barrientos Design and Consulting at its Oct. 23 Committee of the Whole meeting.

The design of the facility had previously been discussed in detail at the Sept. 25 Municipal Services and Utilities Committee meeting with representatives from Barrientos, City Engineer Greg Calhoun and DPW Supervisor Todd Hanson.

At that meeting, City Administrator Sam Tapson said after discussions with the parties involved, of the three options provided to councilmen, the second option two was likely the best as it included a mezzanine and a couple of extra repair bays.

“(It) seems to be the best buy in terms of long term, in terms of immediate need and it’s the most cost effective,” Tapson said. “It’s not a big spread between it and the lowest priced option.”

Hanson said at the Oct. 23 meeting it makes more sense to go that route initially.

“I think it’d be a shame to look back a few years from now and say, well I wish we would have done that, when it could have been done during the build-out process, which would have been the most effective way to spend your money at that time,” Hanson said.

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