Big Foot High School students listen to the Hornheads perform during a daytime clinic Oct. 14, followed by a question and answer session. That evening, BFHS Jazz Band members performed with the band.

Big Foot Jazz Band students perform with the band

The Hornheads, an “extraordinarily talented” group of horn players, according to school officials, visited Big Foot High School Oct. 14, through the Big Foot Fine Arts Concert series. Additionally, the Big Foot High School Jazz Band had the opportunity to have a clinic with the band and perform with them at the concert that evening.

The Big Foot Fine Arts Foundation strives to enrich Big Foot area school student’s experiences in the arts and enrich the community with cultural events and activities.

On tour with Prince and the New Power Generation from 1991-1994, the Hornheads performed for over 2 million concert goers in 20 countries, according to a press release.

Q Magazine, London, described them as “a peerless horn section… playing in bare brilliant syncopation, punching with a staccato precision beyond the grasp of science or Synclavier. Prince splashes their insouciant versatility all over the set list.”

The BFHS Jazz Ensemble spent two hours listening to and working with the Hornheads during the day. The Hornheads began the clinic with a performance and explanation of three jazz arrangements. They then answered students’ questions about their backgrounds, what inspires them and the challenges of being professional musicians.

Following the Q&A session, the BFHS students joined the Hornheads on stage and rehearsed a big band arrangement of Michael B. Nelson’s piece titled “Intermission.”

“The rehearsal was a great experience for the students. They learned new techniques and styles of performing. Kenni Holmen, the Hornhead’s tenor sax player, was particularly helpful in working with the saxophone section during rehearsal,” a press release from BFHS states.

Later that evening, the BFHS Jazz Ensemble joined the Hornheads on stage after intermission to perform Intermission for the concertgoers.

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