‘Rumor Alert’ led to search, increased police presence

Late last week, school officials reportedly were made aware a weapon may have been in or on the property at Big Foot High School, but no weapon was located, according to a post on the school’s Facebook page early in the morning Oct. 6.

The post was titled, “Rumor Alert” and was credited to Mike Hinske, school principal.

“I need to let parents and staff know that Big Foot High School was made aware late last night of a rumor that a weapon was potentially on campus,” according to the post by Hinske.

“As a result of that information, BFHS administration and local police completed an investigation into the incident into the late night of Thursday,” the post further states. “The investigation has led the school and police department to conclude that the rumor was likely just that as no weapon was found.”

The post also stated that the individuals associated with the possible incident had been interviewed by police, with the police coming to the same conclusion.

“As such, our school will run as normal on Friday, Oct. 6. There will be an additional police presence in and around the building to ensure the safety of everyone,” Hinske wrote.

Parents and staff were also informed of the incident early in the morning Oct. 6.


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