Connection to residents’ sump pumps will discharge water into storm sewer

By Kellen Olshefski


The City of Elkhorn Common Council voted in favor of approving Siegler Grading and Excavating LLC for installation of a storm sewer drain on Sunset Drive at a cost of $7,400 at its Aug. 7 meeting.

The topic was first brought before the Municipal Services and Utilities Committee at its July 24 meeting, when City Engineer Jason Feucht told committee members that in past years there had been concerns about ice build-up on the corner of Sunset Drive and Page Street. He said there has been as much as 8 inches of ice in the curb, gutter and driveways.

Mayor Howie Reynolds said in past years they’ve had to use a payloader to remove ice from that section of road.

“Not only is it an issue from a public safety perspective, but the maintenance is not trivial out there,” Feucht said.

Feucht explained sump pumps are discharging into the street, and while the City Council recently passed an ordinance regarding sump pump discharge, it’s not an option for many of these residents, because if it were discharged into the backyard, water would make its way around the homes and into the street due to the slope of the properties.

“So, here we are stuck,” he said.

Feucht said former Public Works Manager Neal Kolb had requested quotes from companies to remedy the concerns, and Feucht had two quotes come in.

Feucht said the two quotes were very similar in scope of the project, though cost-wise, were significantly different.

He said with the nature of the issue, the ice build-up in the winter and the water issues related with pumping out there, he recommended the city approve Siegler.

Alderman Bruce Lechner asked if Siegler’s remedy would actually take care of the problem.

Feucht explained that sump pumps from homes around that area are running frequently, and through Siegler’s plan – which would include the addition of tile line in the terrace – it would fix a good portion of the issue.

Feucht said the tile line would essentially be a PVC sewer pipe connected directly to the resident’s sump pump discharge lines. The water would then discharge in to the existing storm sewer inlet on Page Street, rather than yards or the curb and gutter.

Six homes in total would connect to the tile line, and City Utilities Director John Murphy said this would likely eliminate 90 percent of the water build-up at that location.

Murphy noted this has been a problem in previous years, as the water and ice continues to build up, and as such, the city has to salt this section of roadway repeatedly, resulting in increased costs to the city.

At the Council meeting Monday night, a motion to approve Siegler Grading and Excavating LLC for the installation of a storm sewer drain on Sunset Drive at a cost of $7,400, along with a budget adjustment to accommodate the cost of the project, was approved by the council 6-0.


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