The annual awards ceremony for the Walworth County Sheriff’s Office will take place at 2 p.m. May 18 in the jury assembly room of the Judicial Center, 1700 County Road NN, Elkhorn.

Refreshments will be served after the ceremony. Family and friends are welcome to attend. The following awards will be presented:


Meritorious service medal – deputy Garth Frami


Distinguished service award, individual – Sgt. Tim Otterbacher, Capt. Scott McClory, deputy Jason Hintz, corrections officer Patrick Glover, corrections officer Jim Henriott, deputy Matt Weber


Distinguished service unit award – communications taining officers Penny Rasmussen, Susan Earle, Chris Pitt, Penny Haskins, Paul Jacobs, Renee Monestero and Annie Ritchey


Distinguished service unit award – patrol field training officers, deputies John Czerwinski, Dan Long, Tim Rumer, Dan Nichols, Jon Albrecht, Nick Yohanek, Cody Schwartz, Tim Kuchta, Jeremy Renz, Ira Martin, Mike Troemel, Garth Frami and Jason Rowland


Distinguished service unit award – corrections training officers, correctional officers Amy Sharlow, Michele DeLaPaz, Teressa Dailey, Ruth La Loggia, Brian Kowalefski, Adam Carlson, Patrick Glover, Randy Billington, Beverly Junk, Isha Kinard, Kevin Knaus, Jennifer Kubesheski, Patrick Palmer, Wes Phillips, Joel Sampson, Ryan Behncke, Eric Pelky, Melissa Sampson, Nolan Stanton, Corey Nevin, Nicole Lee, Stephanie Hammer and Kerrie Molter


Lifesaving award, individual – Sgt. Bill Melloch, deputies Juan Ortiz, Jesse Smith, Michael Lauderdale and Jason Pajewski, and corrections officers Denis Ulloa-Cabrera, Anna Metke, Adam Carlson and Michele DeLaPaz


Lifesaving Award – corrections unit – Sgts. Dennis Kellen, Robert Duffey and Greg Sawtelle, and corrections officers Chris Bannigan, Stephanie Hammer, Mario Riley, Kevin Knaus, Wes Phillips, Jennifer Kubesheski, Jocelyn Strand, Eric Pelky, Heather Martin, Cleo Renner, Cory McGuire and Randy Swatek


Public service award – Sharri Loveless, Tom Lee and Stephanie Mroch


Deputy of the year – deputy Dan Nelson


Civilian of the year – Lori Reynolds


Correctional Officer of the Year – corrections officer Kurt Niemetscheck


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