A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Nov. 27 for a Sharon man charged with burglarizing a barn in the Town of Walworth.

Corey W. Shumak, 34, was charged Oct. 31 in Walworth County Circuit Court with burglary of a building or dwelling and obstructing an officer.

According to the criminal complaint:

Town Hall Road resident Jeffrey Reynolds told police when he arrived home Oct. 14, he saw a Buick parked at the edge of a cornfield near his property and saw a man running from his barn carrying a black bag and toolbox. Reynolds followed the man in his car until he pulled into a parking lot on Wisconsin Street in Walworth and police arrived.

The man was identified as Shumak, who was breathing heavily and not wearing a shirt. Police told Shumak to stay in his car, but while an officer was speaking with a witness, Shumak got out of the car and ran. An employee of a nearby business saw Shumak run and tackled him.

The bag and toolbox Shumak allegedly took from the barn were found near a brush pile on Reynold’s property.

Shumak told police he was borrowing the tools to fix his car, and he ran because he had marijuana on him.


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