Burglars tend to target homes where it appears no one is home, as well as vacant homes that are for sale or under foreclosure. It is important that citizens take preventive measures by being proactive to avoid becoming a victim of a burglary. Giving the impression that someone is home will most likely decrease the chance of a break in.

The method burglars use to enter residences varies depending on the layout of the residence. Entry may be gained by removing an air conditioning unit, kicking in the door, smashing the patio doors, breaking a window and on many occasions burglars will gain entry through unlocked windows or doors. The residents are suggested to keep in mind to lock their interior doors as well.

While away, park a vehicle in the driveway. When there is no vehicle in the driveway or vehicles parked in the front of the residence, burglars may assume that no one is at home. Burglars will look for certain things or patterns of behavior that are indicative of an unoccupied home, or a home that would be easier to enter.

Burglars tend to take televisions, computer ware, gaming systems, jewelry, tools, yard equipment and valuables that are easily concealed. The vacant homes are usually targeted for the copper piping, water tanks, and furnaces.

While Town of East Troy Police Chief Don Jensen said the township wasn’t having problems with burglaries, he wanted to encourage everyone to take preventive action to protect their property.

“Be proactive,” he stated in a press release. “Try not to leave outside lights on during the day. Make sure all windows, doors, including patio doors are secured; wooden poles and metal pegs are also helpful in securing windows and patio doors. Try to keep blinds or curtains closed. If you have an alarm system, use it. Trust your instincts and be vigilant.”

Jensen said and example could be noticing any unusual vehicles parked in front of a neighbor’s house or driveway; vehicles commonly used are mini vans, full size vans, sport utility vehicles, or utility trucks. People in neighborhoods going door to door. People acting as solicitors. People coming to the door asking for a person who don’t live there and/or vehicles circling the block at night or during the day.

Jensen said residents can report any suspicious activity, people, or vehicles that appear to be out of the ordinary to the police department at the number below, or depending on the severity of the activity call 911.

For more information, contact the Town of East Troy Police Department at (262) 642-3700.



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