By Kellen Olshefski

SLN Staff

City of Elkhorn staff is looking into signage for businesses off of Elkhorn’s East Geneva Street disadvantaged by the construction paired with the Highway 12 and Highway NN interchange project.

With turn lanes and entrances to businesses being unclear because of the construction, the topic was brought to staff by Alderman Tom Myrin, who serves as the City of Elkhorn Common Council’s liaison to the Elkhorn Area Chamber of Commerce.

At the March 21 Common Council meeting, City Administrator Sam Tapson said if the city was to pursue the project, which he said it should, putting signage in the Wisconsin DOTs right of way or on their barrels would require a permit from the agency, which City Engineer Paul Vanhenkelum said would be free. Tapson said with this, he’s unsure of whether specific signing or wordage would be required to fall in line with DOT specifications.

However, Tapson also noted another option: putting it in the city’s right of way and out of the construction area.

Tapson said the city could in this case, simply get a sign and put it up.

Mayor Brian Olson said in talking with former Department of Public Works Manager Martin Nuss, a sign like this is something they could put up on a city street light, alerting drivers businesses along the street are open to business.

However, before putting up a sign, Tapson said he’s asked Myrin and Elkhorn Area Chamber of Commerce Director Chris Clapper to get a feel for what business owners would be looking for in a sign.

Tapson said while the city has to determine where it would like to put the sign, it really comes down to what would be best to help the businesses.

“I think the question here becomes, what is most effective for the shop keepers,” he said.

Van Henkelum said construction on East Geneva Street is expected to continue into next year.



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