By Alexandrea Dahlstrom

SLN Staff

An Elkhorn woman who was hit by a car in Delavan three months ago returned home on Saturday.

Shelly Mornard, 65, was crossing Borg Road on July 26 on her way to Kune’s Country Ford to pick up her car from work in the Shopko pharmacy when she was struck by a car driven by Lloyd Schmidt, 80, of Delavan. Schmidt, who was leaving Piggly Wiggly, told police he was unaware he hit someone until he heard a “thump” and saw Mornard laying in the street.

Mornard’s husband Chip Mornard, 62, said his wife’s recovery has been very slow.

Elkhorn resident Shelly Mornard, 65, plays with her granddaughter before a July 26 accident that left her hospitalized for three months.

“Shelly was quite injured in the accident. She was transferred to the Janesville Mercy trauma center and spent 11 days in a medically induced coma in the ICU and immediately went into surgery,” Chip Mornard said. “Shelly suffered a broken tibia and fibula in her leg, several fractures to her pelvis, five broken ribs, a torn rotator cuff, a dislocated shoulder and a torn spleen.” Chip Mornard said Shelly still has a long way to go as far as rehabilitation.

Mornard said Shelly Mornard spent about five weeks at the Janesville Mercy trauma center where she underwent back-to-back leg surgeries. She was transferred to the Williams Bay Care Center where she worked to strengthen her muscles.

However, Mornard needed an additional surgery on her leg, Chip Mornard said.

“She needed to have crushed tissue removed,” he said. “Complications arose from that surgery, and she had to go back to the hospital to care for her complications.”

Shelly Mornard was admitted to Aurora Lakeland Medical Center while the medical staff tended to her complications. She was then transferred to St. Luke’s Hospital in Milwaukee for additional testing. Chip Mornard said he believes Shelly Mornard’s third leg surgery was a major set back. Chip Mornard said her condition changes from day to day.

“No one will give me a time frame,” said Chip Mornard. “She currently cannot put any weight on her leg. As soon as she can, it will be week to week.”.”

Chip Mornard said his wife remains optimistic despite ongoing pain and being away from home since July.

“We feel blessed she has no memory of the accident,” he said.

Chip Mornard continues to work full time at a Rural Mutual Insurance. When he is not at work, he divides his time between taking care of their home, talking to the doctors about his wife’s condition and spending time her.

“My days are long and very full. I’m up before 6 a.m. to care for the house and split the rest of the day between work and taking care of Shelly’s needs. Most of my days are about 17- to 18-hour days,” he said.

Chip Mornard said the couple’s house might need to be modified to accommodate Shelly Mornard. He said he wants to make sure he and their home can meet all of the medical needs she might have.

“My primary focus was getting my wife home,” said Chip Mornard. “We are extremely grateful to the Delavan Rescue Squad that saved her life. They were very prompt, and we are very grateful to them. We are also very grateful to Matt Van De Bogart who was first on the scene and stayed with my wife while help arrived. I’ll always be very grateful to him.”

For now, Chip Mornard is taking each day as it comes – some are good, some are bad days.

“It was a brutal shock how fast your life can change,” he said.

Casey Johnson, a co-worker of Shelly Mornard’s at Shopko, said a customer told her and her co-workers about the accident after it happened. She said that “everyone was really shocked.”

Johnson said even before the accident, Mornard was one of the strongest women she knew. She said Mornard was always positive, never got mad and everyone loved her.

“Shelly is the strongest woman ever,” Johnson said. “Through everything she has endured, she still has courage and strength. She’s amazing. Every time I visit, she is cheery and smiling. I don’t think I could do what she does.”

Co-workers plan fundraiser to benefit accident victim

Co-workers of accident victim Shelly Mornard will host a fundraiser from 3 to 11 p.m. Nov. 10 at the American Legion Hall, 111 S. Second St.

Funds raised at the event will help Mornard and her husband, Chip Mornard, with medical bills incurred from a July accident that resulted in Shelly Mornard being in a coma for 11 days. Mornard remains in the hospital.

Additionally, legal actions could also be taken to claim compensation based on the Personal Injury Laws. For instance, in UK, a person could hire a lawyer similar to Eatons Solicitors in Bradford, who might be a specialist in investigating and assessing the accident claims and reimbursement. However, there is no confirmation about what legal procedure the victim’s family is going to adopt.

Admission to the event is free. Hernandez Mexican Restaurant will provide tacos for $2 each, and the Legion will serve drinks. The event will include family friendly event games and activities, a silent auction and raffle prizes. Silent auction prizes include a Kindle Fire, disc jockey certificates, golf for four, baskets of goods and gift certificates.

Shelly Mornard’s Shopko co-workers Casey Johnson and Rachel are organizing the event. Shelly Mornard has worked in Shopko’s pharmacy for about eight years.

Johnson said Shelly Mornard’s customers prompted the idea for a fundraiser.

“People were literally coming in and handing us money for Shelly,” Johnson said. “They kept asking if there was going to be a fundraiser, so we decided to do it.”

“Shelly was part of our little family here at the pharmacy,” Johnson said.

Johnson said customers inquire daily about Shelly Mornard’s condition. She said many of her customers love her and can’t wait for her return.

Johnson and Rhode hope to raise funds to help Shelly and Chip Mornard with ongoing medical costs. Chip Mornard said financially preparing for the bills is impossible with no projected date of Shelly Mornard’s recover or release from the hospital.

Chip Mornard, Johnson and Rhode said they are hopeful Shelly Mornard will be able to attend the fundraiser.

To donate an auction item or to donate directly to Shelly Mornard, contact Johnson at 374-9560 or Rhode at 949-5846. Johnson said anyone looking to donate can also stop by the Shopko pharmacy.





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