Dear Editor,

At this point in the presidential campaign we have heard much about the issues. We know there are sharp contrasts between the two candidates. However, no progress will be made on any issue without leadership. The ability to lead vividly distinguishes the two. President Obama has admitted he couldn’t change Washington, and needs four more years to do so. Governor Romney, on the other hand, despite a legislature controlled by Democrats, needed only four years to bring unemployment down and erase the deficit in Massachusetts.

President Obama’s lack of leadership in foreign policy has reduced our influence in the world at large. We are now more vulnerable to attack. Under his watch Iran is closer to a nuclear weapon, our relations with Israel have suffered, and our military is threatened with over $1 trillion in devastating budget cuts. Our Libyan embassy was attacked, our ambassador and three other Americans killed, while potential rescue from forces outside of Libya was not undertaken.

Under a Mitt Romney presidency, there would be no question of our commitment to our allies, and no one who threatens us would question our resolve to defeat them. Most importantly, Mitt Romney would restore influence and respect abroad by turning around the economy here at home and supporting those who share our values around the world.

We can’t afford four more years of President Obama’s attempts to lead from behind. Please join me November 6 in voting Mitt Romney for President – he can and will lead the United States back to prosperity.
George Lind, MD


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