I have worked in this county over the past several years in a variety of ways with individuals and families who live on the fringes of our community. These persons are often underserved and lack a voice and advocate. My most recent work has been with Safe Families for Children, an organization that helps families in crisis. I volunteer at Open Arms Free Clinic, and before that I worked at Health and Human Services as a public health nurse. What I have noticed is that if you have a mental health issue, live in poverty, or are an outsider to the community, you are not always treated with the kindness and equity that all people deserve.

I met an attorney several years back who was unique. I was working with a client who was having a hard time being treated fairly in the system. She was very young, very poor, and her children were third-generation foster-care children. My husband and I began to advocate for this young woman, but realized very quickly that we had met her too late.             Additionally, we did not have the legal knowledge or ability to support her in the system. On a recommendation from a friend, I took this young lady in for her free consultation with the private practice lawyer, Daniel Johnson. We weren’t sure how any of us would pay for the expenses that would surely follow, but we believed she deserved the same chance that we would have had if we found ourselves in this predicament.

Dan Johnson, who knew the law well, looked at her case, and realized that she was in need of legal representation. He then offered to take her case pro-bono. There was clearly nothing for Dan to gain by doing this. He would receive no compensation or political favor. Dan didn’t seem to care about these things. He believed that the justice system was designed to serve all members of our society well. I became a fan of Daniel Johnson that day.

Since then, Johnson has gone on to be chosen by all four county judges – Drettwan, Reddy, Carlson and Koss, to serve as family court commissioner for Walworth County. This is a role that requires judicial temperament, and Johnson has served well.

I have since followed several families through Johnson’s courtroom where his character continues to shine. He is a man who treats all persons with dignity, respect and fairness. He is a man who determines cases based on the rule of law. He is humble, kind and just. Those who have worked with Johnson in the legal community including judges, former district attorneys, sheriffs, chiefs of local police departments and other attorneys hold Johnson in high regard.

I would implore the voters of this county to vote for Daniel Johnson on Feb. 16th. He is a solid leader and the only candidate with judicial experience. This man possesses the character and fortitude that Walworth County deserves in a judicial leader.

Nicole Zorn


Safe Families for Children



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