This spring, Walworth County voters will select a circuit court judge to replace retiring Judge James Carlson. We are writing this letter to urge voters to go to the polls on Feb. 16 and vote for Daniel Johnson.

As the Walworth County family court commissioner, Dan Johnson already works within the judicial realm. Previously, he had a private law practice. He is honest, hardworking, intelligent and conscientious. He believes in the law, and will continue to apply it fairly. He quietly goes about his work, without calling attention to himself. He is courteous, thoughtful, and eager to continue to serve the citizens of Walworth County. His presence as a circuit court judge will build on the respect and judicial camaraderie already present. He is even-tempered, and knows how to run a courtroom.

We do not take our decision to endorse Dan Johnson lightly. However, we believe that we have a duty as past public servants to give the public the information they need to make a wise decision in this important election. We are keenly aware of the work done by District Attorney Dan Necci. Our endorsements for Mr. Johnson are also a performance evaluation of Mr. Necci as district attorney.

We encourage you to talk to people who know. If you know a law enforcement officer or someone involved in the Walworth County court system, talk to him or her. There are many people who are reluctant to publicly endorse a candidate who will tell you that they are supporting Mr. Johnson as well. As the most experienced candidate, Mr. Johnson is the logical choice for circuit court judge and will work long and hard each day to serve the public.

Here are the endorsements to date for family court commissioner Dan Johnson:

  • Walworth County Sheriff’s Department –

David Graves, sheriff, 2001 to 2014; and William Holder, retired lieutenant of the detective bureau and captain of patrol;

  • Walworth County District Attorney’s Office –

Josh Grube, deputy district attorney under Phil Koss and Dan Necci; Crystal Zarnstorff, secretary and office manager under district attorneys James Carlson, Robert Kennedy, David Danz, Phil Koss and Dan Necci; Loretta Meinel, victim and witness coordinator under Phil Koss and Dan Necci; Attorney James P. Martin, Walworth County assistant district attorney under Phil Koss;

  • Walworth County Corporation Counsel’s Office – Keith O’Donnell, former assistant corporation counsel;
  • Judges – Walworth County Judge Phillip Koss, district attorney from 1990 to 2012; Walworth County Judge John Race; and retired

Racine County Judge Tim Boyle;

  • Walworth County Clerk of Court Sheila Reiff;
  • Chiefs of police in Walworth County – Mike Rasmussen, City of Lake Geneva; Chris Severt, Village of Walworth; Ray Clark, Town of Delavan;

Steve Cole, Town of Bloomfield; Wolfgang Nitsch, Village of Sharon; and retired Lt. Ed Gritzner, City of Lake Geneva;

  • Other county officials –John Marra, president of the Village of Williams Bay and former Village of Genoa City chief of police; and Village of Genoa City Municipal Judge Robert Klabunde.

Please join us in voting for Daniel Johnson for Circuit Court Judge on Feb. 16. Loretta S. Meinel and

Crystal J. Zarnstorff



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