We are voting for family court commissioner Daniel Johnson for circuit court judge and strongly encourage the local Walworth County voters to do the same.

The primary will take place Feb. 16, and it is important that you get out and vote.

Judge Race has lived in Walworth County for almost 50 years and was judge for over 30 years. Judge Koss has lived in Walworth County for over 30 years, was district attorney for 22 years and has been judge since 2012.

With that experience, we have had the opportunity to see the candidates for circuit court firsthand. It is our belief that Daniel Johnson possesses the appropriate character traits to be an excellent judge and is, therefore, the best candidate among the three.

Mr. Johnson’s desire to become judge is because of his dedication to the law, and not because of any political party. We have always been proud that politics has never been an issue in the Walworth County judicial system, and electing family court commissioner Johnson will keep it that way.

We encourage all voters to view who is backing each of the candidates. We were always happy to have the support of those who live and work in our community. It is important that individuals who have seen your work on a day-to-day basis believe that you are doing a good job. Will all due respect, those who do not work in the Walworth County legal community have not seen any of the candidates in the courtroom. Commissioner Johnson has support of local judges, current law enforcement officers, clerks, and others that are aware of his work.

We believe that is his intelligence, impartiality, nonpartisanship, and his dedication to hard work that have earned him the endorsement of so many such as former Sheriff Graves and many chiefs of police.

Please join us in the many others who are supporting Mr. Johnson and will vote for him in the Feb. 16 primary.

John R. Race

Phillip A. Koss



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