It is few and far between we feel compelled enough to support someone running for public office to add our name to a list or write a letter to the local paper. The caliber of the person running is such that we truly believe we need to speak up and discuss the merits of that person, and why they deserve our vote.

I have known Shannon Wynn in our legal community for the past five years and have worked with her personally on a number of issues over the years. When the economy was torn apart in 2007 and 2008 and many homeowners were at risk of losing their homes, I worked with Shannon Wynn in helping folks make the best decisions about how to move forward in a precarious position. In each of those instances, the clients reported back that they could not have been more pleased with the representation she afforded them, and clients spoke glowingly about her professionalism.

Shannon has proven herself time and again to be the cream of the crop, whether in high school, graduating as valedictorian of Big Foot High, or at Vanderbilt University where she graduated magna cum laude (with highest honors). Shannon attended Marquette Law School where she was on the dean’s list and also was a scholarship award winner. Shannon has high expectations of her own work, and you can trust she will bring this quality to work as a circuit court judge in Walworth County.

Shannon possesses the qualities we all desire in sitting members of the court. She has judicial temperament, which can be trusted on the bench. She can be trusted to have forbearance under provocation and can deal with sensitivity to those in her courtroom without giving offense. Shannon is an intelligent and ethical attorney, and will bring those qualities to the circuit court judge’s position. She will manage the court with courage and integrity and do what the law requires, not what popular opinion and personal connections merit. Foremost, she has the ability to communicate and most importantly to listen.

I encourage all to consider a vote for Shannon Wynn for circuit court judge on Feb. 16.

Gary Dunham

Lake Geneva



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