Ed Kinerk catches some air as he twists above Geneva Lake in Gordy’s eight annual Wakeboard Tournament held earlier this week. Kinerk placed second in the advanced category. (Photo by Dave Baker)

Matt Heinz grabs the end of his board as he one-hands the rope in a risky stunt. Heinz competed in the advanced category. Other categories included novice, intermediate and outlaw. (Photo by Dave Baker)

Connor Schaid seems to ride an invisible wave as his board is lifted from the water. Schaid placed third in the advanced category. (Photo by Dave Baker)

Riley Nocek pulls off a tough spin move in the advanced category but falls short of placing in the top three. (Photo by Dave Baker)

Brian Waskevich flips in a seemingly impossible manner, bringing his board up over his head. Waskevich nabbed first place in the advanced category. (Photo by Dave Baker)




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