On Aug. 14 voters in Walworth County will have the opportunity to select their next District Attorney.

                  While two candidates will appear on the ballot, only one has earned my vote and I respectfully suggest, deserves yours. Dan Necci lives in Walworth County, in the City of Delavan. His opponent is from Jefferson County.

                  Dan Necci and his family are rooted here through their church, Calvary Community in Williams Bay, youth sports, and myriad community service groups.

                  Dan and his wife Brittany have two young daughters. They know what living here means to their neighbors and they share the values we hold so dear. Dan Necci is a true conservative who will work hard to protect our next generation.

                  Dan Necci is trusted by those who know what it takes to lead and manage an effective Office of the District Attorney. That’s probably why he is the only candidate to receive the endorsement of a former District Attorney. Many other leaders of law enforcement and the judicial system support Dan Necci as well.

                  His opponent, on the other hand is 0-9 in criminal jury trials and, according to the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, was found to be ineffective and in violation of his ethical duties as a lawyer.

                  If the experts and leaders who are responsible for administering justice in Walworth County trust Dan Necci, it only seems logical that you should too. I hope you will also cast your ballot for Dan Necci for District Attorney, Aug. 14.

Travis K. Egan,



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