I am a very concerned voter regarding the election of our next District Attorney. I’ve had personal experience with Daniel Necci as an attorney and hope and pray the people of Walworth County will say a definite “NO” to Dan Necci.

                  Besides the fact that he has no experience for this position, he is unethical, unorganized and lies. He lied to me when he was my mother’s court-appointed guardian and also lied to my mother’s debtor. Then it cost me $1,000 to hire an attorney to do what Dan Necci was asked to do for the court.

                  Necci requested to be my mother’s court-appointed guardian. I didn’t understand at the time why an attorney would request to be my mother’s guardian. Naively, I thought he was trying to help me get her bills paid. I realized later it was to help his friend/recent ex-partner Brad Lochowicz get a judgment against me for the nursing home bill.

                  My stepfather was and still is the responsible party for his wife’s bills with assets over $600,000. When I informed Necci that I brought my mother home, he wanted her Social Security and pension checks; he said his top priority was paying for my mother’s medication. NEVER HAPPENED.

                  Never even opened a bank account for my mother’s Social Security checks direct deposit. After that, I could no longer reach Necci. My mother’s debtors had failed attempts to contact him. One debtor did miraculously reach Necci and he informed her that he no longer was my mother’s guardian. NOT TRUE.

                  He did however request a court date to be dropped as my mother’s guardian since he accomplished his objective to get a judgment against my husband, our 21-year-old son who is in the military and me for $114,000 (home worth $118,000).

                  Necci never took this position seriously. Necci was the third attorney Lochowicz asked to be my mother’s guardian. Two others turned it down. Now Necci is requesting to be our top attorney, our District Attorney!

                  Please say NO. I learned the hard way; you will too if you elect him.

                  To my knowledge, Necci has never truly “run” an office though he has an address. I know first-hand that he has an answering machine (no secretary) and picks and chooses who he calls back.

                  When he had an office in Lake Geneva in 2010, he did not have a single person on his staff. He kept the door locked at all times. He told me that if he was there he would not hear me knocking.

                  Do you truly want this “unorganized” person as our next District Attorney?

Norma J. Miller,



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