School board needs to ‘walk the walk’ of unity

To the Palmyra-Eagle Area School Board and administrative team: As we reach the end of the school year, we are also nearing the time of year when teachers are given their non-renewal notices for next year.  I have become aware that Eagle Elementary School is scheduled for a reduction of […]


Palmyra residents sound off about annexation

(The following letters appeared in the Jan. 17 issue of The Enterprise followed by more recent letters) Legal fight over annexation hurts entire community I believe Bob and Kathy Oleson misrepresent the facts of the judge’s decision concerning the recent annexation in the block ad they placed in the Jan. […]


LETTER: East Troy’s facilities are ‘woefully inadequate’ for the arts

I write in support of the proposed referendum, which would support the construction of a new performing arts facility along with a substantial number of necessary additions and improvements to the facilities currently in use in the East Troy School District. As one of many examples of recent students who […]


LETTER: Considering ‘wants’ versus ‘needs’ for East Troy schools

Amen to Danielle Stemper’s Letter to the Editor in the March 15, 2013, issue of the East Troy Times. She’s right on target, in my opinion.       We as responsible adults should know the difference between “needs” and “wants.” Our kids need and deserve a “challenging educational environment with only […]


LETTER: Vote ‘Yes’ for education

Please vote “yes” on April 2 for the East Troy Community Schools Referendum. When we were house hunting as a young family in the late 1990’s, East Troy appeared to be a community that valued education, having recently voted to build Prairie View Elementary. My hope is that we can […]


LETTER: The East Troy Schools referendum numbers don’t lie

      A recent letter to the editor listed 301 uses for the auditorium proposed as part of the upcoming school referendum that will be on the ballot in April. It is my understanding that of the $19 million proposed, the portion for the auditorium is as follows: $9 million baseline […]


LETTER: East Troy School Board should focus on excellence in academics first

        As a current student at East Troy High School I, like many, are not opposed to a new auditorium the referendum on ballot will pay for. I also believe there are new things the East Troy community needs that take precedent over the auditorium. While our current auditorium […]


LETTER: STEM to STEAM: importance of a community auditorium

The 21st century is demanding more from our engineers and scientists than pure math and logic can deliver. More than ever, these professionals need the ability to think creatively, and they must be able to envision and develop solutions to complex problems.       Science and industry are no longer satisfied […]


LETTER: East Troy referendum plan is short sighted

On April 2, the voters of the East Troy School District face a major decision to either fulfill the grandiose wishes of the School Board for a “Taj-Mahal” of a Performing Arts Center, or do what is best for this district as a whole, and vote no for this short […]


LETTER: ETHS choir director sets referendum opponents straight

I would like to rebut some of the incorrect claims made by the opponents of the upcoming referendum, most notably about the auditorium.       Uninformed assertion: “Most high school auditoriums are in the 10,000-to 12,000-square-foot range. I would vote yes for that, at $5 million!”       This came directly from […]