LETTER: Obama is gutting welfare

Robert Rector is a senior research fellow who worked closely with Congress to draft the work requirements in the 1996 welfare reform law.       The 1996 law required that a portion of able-bodied adults getting welfare work or prepare for work. Obama issued a bureaucratic order allowing states to waive […]


Morning after pill may not be what you think

By Mike Nichols Contributor It’s the political season and there’s a lot of talk here in Wisconsin of late about the most polarizing and controversial of subjects, abortion.       But very little real discussion of when it happens. The answer: much less frequently – in a couple ways – than […]


LETTER: A travesty of justice

I write to you about a travesty of justice. And I speak about this poor woman who fell asleep after working the night shift to support her children and was then sentenced to a year in jail for neglect, while at the same time a few miles away, so-called doctors […]


County’s recent loss underscores dangers highway workers face daily

By Dave Bretl Contributor I was just about to complain about the heat this summer when our annual road salt contract crossed my desk.       Between county government and municipalities that obtain their salt through the county’s contract, the order was about $1.2 million.       Our record-setting heat has kept […]


LETTER: A response to GOP lawmakers unhappy with drowning sentence

I am writing you today to express my grave concern over your public attack against the recent sentence rendered by Walworth County Circuit Court Judge David Reddy relating to Melody Butt, whose infant twins drowned in the bathtub while she slept. Certainly, I am anguished over the negligence on the […]


Build a better – not bigger – wagon

By Neal Kedzie State Senator       Depending on whom you talk to, Wisconsin is either praised or criticized for the number of programs it offers to aid those in need. Over the years, Wisconsin has provided funding to help pay for health care, housing, food, utilities and child […]


LETTER: County Fair is making unfair changes

I feel compelled to write this letter to the editor to make the community aware of a particular change that the Board of Walworth County Fair seemed to think was necessary. The change is to the observation of the Demolition Derby.       The Board has decided to charge $3 a […]


Top cop blames NRA for law’s failings

Top cop blames NRA for law’s failings

By Bill Lueders Contributor Ed Flynn, Milwaukee’s chief of police, had his suspicions about the role of the National Rifle Association in crafting Wisconsin’s concealed carry bill, enacted last year. “It felt like an NRA bill. It looked like NRA bill,” Flynn says. “But it wasn’t until we tried to […]


LETTER: The only (deserving) choice

On Aug. 14 voters in Walworth County will have the opportunity to select their next District Attorney.                   While two candidates will appear on the ballot, only one has earned my vote and I respectfully suggest, deserves yours. Dan Necci lives in Walworth County, in the City of Delavan. His […]


LETTER: Unethical, unorganized, full of lies

I am a very concerned voter regarding the election of our next District Attorney. I’ve had personal experience with Daniel Necci as an attorney and hope and pray the people of Walworth County will say a definite “NO” to Dan Necci.                   Besides the fact that he has no experience […]